Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bird on a Pine Tree

Last Monday, I got a message from my cousin Marjorie asking me if I was game for an overnight trip to Baguio City. I didn't bother asking her the details, I immediately said yes.. and Tuesday morning, I was on a six-hour joyride to the City of Pines... the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

I thought my cousin would be traveling with us, but she didn't... but I did have a great time with two other bloggers, whom I got to meet even before this trip. Afternoon of Wednesday, it was time for us to leave Baguio (it was a short, but very fun trip), but while waiting for our companions, I got to spot this little birdie (Heard it tweet first, then tried to find it...which was a bit difficult because the pine trees were so tall):

Bird on a Pine Tree Bird on a Pine Tree Bird on a Pine Tree

I took this images on auto mode using 12x optical zoom on the first image and 15x zoom (12x optical zoom + 3x digital zoom) on the second and third images. Time and time again, I vent out rants about my camera taking images not as crisp as the old point and shoot camera I used, but I do admire its capabilities to blur out the background keeping the subject quite clear to see, even if I stretch its zoom levels, something the old camera couldn't do. Whenever I see pictures like these from my camera, I do feel proud to be a point and shoot camera user.

Of course, I still dream of owning a DSLR someday. I long to have super crisp images!