Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bee Approaching

Bee Approaching

When we last went jogging at Colinas Verdes (25 February), We decided to go to the local fast food chain, and took the right side of the street. We usually take the left side going home... so there was a sweet surprise when we saw bunch of flowers with little bees. I only had my cell phone with me, so putting it on macro mode, I just took pictures after pictures hoping one of them would turn out great because it was really difficult chasing the bees. In the five "good" pictures I took, this one was the best.

This was a cropped picture. When I took the pictures, I framed the whole flower bunch, and checking the picture in its original size, I saw this bee hanging in the air with some pollen sticking in its feet and thought it looked cute. I just re-sized the picture, selected a frame of 640x480 (the usual size I do whenever I re-size and crop pictures), and pasted it in a new layer.

I told myself when I go back to Colinas Verdes to jog, I would bring my camera to take a new batch of pictures. It has been two or so weeks since I last went there, and I do hope that when I go back jogging next week (I injured my toe 1st week of March so I can't jog yet), the flowers and the bees are still there.

*** Jenn ***