Saturday, March 12, 2011

Strawberry Flowers

Strawberry Flowers

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My share for this week was something really, really, special to me because this was the very first time I got to photograph the flowers of strawberry. I did get to visit the Strawberry Farms in La Trinidad, Benguet some years ago, but that time the way I could capture images was through my cell phone, but sadly, my cell phone's memory was so low that time, and that the farmers weren't really allowing people to go near the plants, so my sister and I could only take pictures from afar.

Last March, we went back there again (exactly three years apart), and nowadays, the farmers were allowing people to go near the farm, but of course no one was allowed to pick fruit unless they were willing to pay p300 per kilo of fruits picked. Sis and I were able to get near... but since we weren't going to pick fruits, we just got contented taking pictures.

There were quite a lot of fruits / flowers that time, and really, I even if we weren't experienced what was it like to pick fruits, taking the pictures was something I'd hold dear in my heart.

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