Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Baguio Panorama

I got home from my vacation yesterday morning, but I didn't have much time to blog yesterday, so it's just now that I can start updating all of my blogs (I have five in case you wanted to know). Today is a Tuesday, time to highlight my ever so good Cysho - my Sony Ericsson K800i cell phone.

Baguio Panorama

I took this one at the balcony of SM - a big mall in the city of Baguio after the 2011 Panagbenga Festival grand street parade. Baguio City is known for its cold climate, and the mall is one of the most unique branches of SM because there are parts in the mall that doesn't need air-conditioning system.

One of the places people go to was the balcony, and seeing the great view from above, I decided to take my cellphone, switch the shooting mode to "panorama" and took this picture. This picture was taken in three parts, but the cell phone did the stitching, all I did was to take the first part of the image (leftmost part), then the cellphone will give me part of the first shot so I can connect the second and third parts.

It's quite small to see, but on the right side you can see the Baguio Cathedral and parts of the mall's balcony.
*** Jenn ***