Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exercise 12 - Soles / Feet

I was able to take my picture today because I decided to watch the noon time show in mom's room. Well, theme for this week's 52 Weeks of Me (which I do over my personal blog An Autobiography in the Works) is "Feet," so it was hitting two birds with one stone for me this week. :)

Exercise 12 - Feet / Soles

Art of Composition

Last Saturday, sister treated mom and I for some "pampering" at the salon. Mom had the foot spa, while I had manicure and a haircut. After the great time at the salon, we walked around the area and we saw a Garage Sale. Mom asked if we could check it out, and I am always game for window shopping (I am not really a shopper as I don't have much money to spend), but when I saw this pair of Anna Sui sandals, I fell in love with it quickly. The price tag was at p980, so I felt sad that I can't buy it. When I saw a woman buying three pairs of shoes, I was quite amazed. I asked the store owner if the prizes on the tags were the actual prize of the shoes, and she said "No... sandals were priced at p190 (usd4.27)." As soon as I heard that, I quickly grabbed this pair and bought it.

I told myself I'd give my toenails some good pampering by painting them, but I am still hesitant about my big toe (right foot), so I didn't push through with it. I will just start doing something about it mid next month... I seriously don't want to be in bigger trouble should I injure it again.

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