Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Exercise 10 - People at a Distance

I try to capture new pictures for the exercises, but this week, I felt as if all my energies have been sucked out of me that I just didn't want to go out. For this week, I am going to use something for the archive.

Exercise #10 - People at a Distance

Art of Composition

Exercise #10 - People at a Distance

This picture was taken sometime last February near the border of Caloocan City (Metro Manila) and San Jose del Monte (Bulacan). I took this from a bridge connecting two cities after a jog around Colinas Verdes. This was a zoomed image - they were quite far from where I was, and the long optical zoom of my camera did help in magnifying the people, but I didn't really go that close on them as I also wanted to show a little background.

Why did I take a picture of them while they do their laundry by hand? Actually, it was a little bit about irony. I was quite surprised that they were doing their laundry there, considering that there were quite a lot of garbage in the shallow river. They were trying to clean their clothes, yet the water wasn't really that clean to begin with. I hope they realized how icky the whole situation is - and maybe they could somehow clean the river first so that they are sure that they are wearing clean clothes.

This picture was part of my 365 Strangers project, which I decided not to continue late February. I just don't have an avenue to showcase the pictures, so I decided to stop. Well, with five blogs to update and several blog memes I am part of, I think I already have enough things to do. :)

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