Friday, March 25, 2011

Exercise 11 - Mirrors

I was supposed to share my take last Wednesday (so I could link the picture to B&W Wednesdays meme), but I seriously don't know how to execute the exercise so it was just now that I am able to share one. I took this just after eating lunch.

Exercise 11 - Mirrors

Art of Composition

I got the idea of taking a selfie like this when I entered mom's room and saw my sister's reflection in the mirror. When she went out of the room, I just set up the tripod and the self timer of the camera and just posed like this. When I took my sister's photo, she was basically just lying on the bed, and for a while I got stuck with what I am going to do because the exercise was about "doing something." I received a phone call while setting up the tripod, and it just struck me to use the phone as my prop. However, my cell phone is quite small, so I unplugged the land phone and used it as my prop.

I used the closet's mirror in taking this; and it just dawned to me now that there were a few clutters in the image - like the closet keys and the top on the headboard, but I guess I could explain that sometimes, when you're "love struck," you tend to lose focus (like cleaning the room) and just concentrate on talking on the phone. Hahahaha.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

*** Jenn ***