Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunset at Brittany

Last Monday, the family was invited by one of mom's younger sisters because her daughter (cousin Joyce) just graduated from college. We didn't attend the graduation rites, but we were invited for dinner. We went to mom's office to pick her up and together we went to the restaurant where the dinner took place.

Sunset at Brittany

I already admired the colors of the sky that dusk, and when the jeepney passed by Brittany (a housing project), I just can't help but to take my camera out to capture the awesomeness. :) I just set my camera to a faster shutter speed (I tend to run my camera on shutter priority) so even with on a moving vehicle I was able to capture this.

These past few days the sunset has been great, wish I was able to capture it more, but sadly there's this one big house fronting ours that totally blocks the view. Still, I am admiring the sunset colors. Happy weekends, all!

*** Jenn ***