Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SLT - Hands

This is my first time to join Shutter Love Tuesdays. This week, the prompt is "Hands," and this is my take:

Stone Picker


I first featured a picture of this man when for the Scavenger Hunt Sunday meme using the prompt "Life." I did take several pictures of the man (these are different pictures from the one I used before), and when I learned that this week's prompt is "hands," he was the first thing that came to mind.

The man is already in his 70s, but retirement is something he is not considering because he said the people of this town was gifted by so many stones, and just by picking up specific kind of stones allowed him to earn some money. For him, he would rather spend the day collecting stones from the sea shore, than gather dust at home.

His hands is his medium to live, and I know he feels blessed for having having hands that allows him to still earn beyond retirement age.

*** Jenn ***