Monday, April 04, 2011

Color Splash - Lotus

This morning, I got my notes organized and copied all the badge codes for memes I joined in. While doing so, I got to hop in different blogs, and saw this meme. I decided to join in because I really like seeing black and white photos with a splash of color. Actually, I didn't know how to edit pictures like this, but thanks to some GIMP tutorials I got to watch over YouTube, I can also treat some of my pictures this way.


This picture was taken September last year at a weekend market. I was with my friend Nathalie, and we decided to go there after our morning roam around Quezon Memorial Circle. Actually, I was hoping to see and photograph a purple colored lotus, but the stall only had the white/yellow ones to sell. Well, I still took a picture, after all, it was much better to have one picture than not having any picture at all.

*** Jenn ***

ps - I joined in many memes every Sunday, so my posts for this meme will always be published every Mondays.