Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Exercise 13 - People Eating

Taking pictures of people is something I am afraid to do because I didn't want to be confronted by my subjects because I just invaded their privacy. When I found out about this prompt, I knew I had to search my files for pictures because I didn't think I could go out just to get a picture.

Exercise #13 - People Eating

Wordish Wednesday Art of Composition

This was taken last January, when the family went out to eat at Little Quiapo, which holds a nostalgic feeling to my mom because it was where she and dad (+) had their wedding reception (though this branch is a "new" one). At that time I was still doing my 365 Strangers Project, so this picture was the only black and white in that batch of photos. I took this while we were waiting for the bill to be delivered, and I just thought seeing people eating from the window of the restaurant was something interesting, hence I snapped... a picture, that is. :)

Taking pictures of people while they eat is, I think, one of the riskiest things to do, because people didn't like the thought of them being photographed while eating, especially if it would show how big they opened their mouths. Good thing I was able to see this image and was able to photograph them without them knowing.

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