Friday, April 29, 2011

Art of Composition | Similar Objects

Fourteenth exercise in the Art of Composition meme is "Similar Objects." Actually, I was supposed to post my take 13th of April, but because I got a little busy, it was just now that I was able to post this. Well, no worries, as there has been a break in the meme, too, so I wasn't really that late. Anyway here is my photo:

Exercise 14 - Similar Objects

Art of Composition

...which I am linking to Flowers on Saturday and Fabulous Friday, too, because I took this picture the other day using my cell phone. I was sweeping off the fallen leaves and the macopa fruits on our side of the street when I saw these pink (well they are pink) flowers in the garden of our neighbor fronting our house. Seeing these two flowers close to each other made me thought of the exercise, and since I always have my cell phone in my pocket, I was able to capture this.

I could say it was a bit challenging because I need to find an angle that would show a little space between the two flowers, but of the three pictures I took, this appealed to me the most because I didn't have to work on the picture that much, though I admit I did a little sharpening, which was allowed in the exercise.

The next exercise is now posted, but I will post my take for that this Wednesday. Happy weekends!

*** Jenn ***