Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phonography | Orange-y Kitty

My memory card reader has gone bonkers and it was difficult for me to transfer photo files from my cell phone to my netbook. Now that my connection has been restored (I am no longer using my cousin's Internet Stick), I can now transfer files using the cell phone's cable.

My share for phonography this week:


I took this last night. Initially, I wanted to take a picture of my cat Orange-y while he was lounging on the ground, but since my cell phone gives off that red light whenever I took a picture on low lit environments, the red light surprised my cat and made him get up and walk away. I set my camera to macro and since I already pushed the shutter, I just followed my cat and the image came out like this... almost like an abstract painting.

No major post-processing besides sharpening. The image may not be that pretty, but I could say I like how this picture came out.

*** Jenn ***