Monday, April 04, 2011

Macopa Flower

Macopa Flower

Today's Flowers Macro Monday

My share for today is something I took last week... We have this Macopa (Mountain Apple) tree in our front yard, which my late father planted (using the seed) more than two decades ago. It starts to flower in January, but most flowers bloom mid-March and it would go on the entire summer (summer months here are March - June). The past few years, we don't get to enjoy their fruits because it would rain during the summer months (boo...) and would ruin the fruits. Also, since the tree is getting bigger and bigger, it would be difficult for us to climb the tree just to get fruits, so we just let the fruits fall off.

Early this year, mom asked someone to trim the tree because we noticed some termites making a trail on the bark and mom feared that the branches touching our roof might find a way into our house. Currently, the tree has so many fruits and flowers, but it was way too high that none of us can really get to taste it.

Anyway, there are very few flowers blooming at a branch not too high, and while watering the plants one morning, I noticed one flower low enough for me to take a picture of. The flowers wilt easy, so as soon as I saw this, I quickly grabbed the camera to take a picture of. I might not be able to eat the fruits anymore, but at least I was able to take pictures of the flower. :)

*** Jenn ***