Tuesday, April 05, 2011

SLT - Self Portrait

I take pictures of myself once a week because I am doing the "52 Weeks of Me Project," but lately I haven't had the urge to take pictures of myself, so my post for this week was something from my files.

A Self Portrait


This self portrait was part of the "Brown" set I did for my personal project. I took this picture with my left hand holding the camera, and my right hand holding the necklace. I edited this picture just now, but my take for the "brown" prompt was to wear a brownish top, and brownish jewelry - my mom's locket and matching ring, and a necklace made from plastic and metal beads.

I have been reading a whole lot about the "I am Beautiful" project, and I told myself I'd join in, too, but I still haven't taken my picture. Hopefully I can set up the camera and take some self portraits before the week ends.

*** Jenn ***