Friday, April 08, 2011

FF - Strawberries

I intend to use Fabulous Friday and Foto Friday on two separate blogs, but since I found a picture that fit both memes, I decided to do it here instead.


These strawberries were given by our neighbor last Monday. We were very happy with it, because when my sister and I traveled to Benguet, sister bought some strawberries, too, but wasn't able to eat it and worse, she forgot it inside the fridge when we traveled to Vigan City from our house in La Union. There were only a few strawberries given to us (our neighbor apologized because the strawberries were so fragile and that there were quite a lot that didn't look so fresh anymore.

I sure hoped to sliced these fruits and add cream in it, or maybe cook it in some honey and rhum and make a crepe filling, but these were my sister's, so I just asked her if I could take pictures first.

*** Jenn ***