Sunday, April 03, 2011

Oreo Kitty

Early March, my Internet connection at home was disconnected. My cousin (who is staying here with us) uses an Internet stick and allowed me to use it. It was great having free Internet connection, but I had to stay in our terrace so the signal would be much better. I do like that I am lessening the electric consumption because I don't have to turn on the electric fan, but I had to put up with mosquitoes especially during night time.


As days passed, I was able to adjust well, and I am loving the Internet time outside because of one big reason: my cat Oreo. Well, during daytime, I connect my net book to the electricity (I just use the battery come night time), and the heat from the adapter attracted my cat and at most times he would use it as his pillow. Well, I do leave the net book in my desk here in the terrace and would just cover it with a towel whenever I am not using it, and Oreo would use it as his blanket, too. Well, I guess the towel already had his scent, so even if I would place the towel on the desk, he would sometimes lie on it, like what he did this day.

He always looks like that whenever he would sleep, and I can't help but smile whenever I see him like that.

*** Jenn ***