Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 042411

Happy Easter, shutter bugs!

I wasn't able to update all of my blogs the past few days (though I never went offline, completely... I took the time to resize picture backlogs), and right now I do feel I the need to update all of my five blogs, so I will go straight to my pictures for this week:


01. Reflections.

The only from the vault pictures I have this week, I took this last February while my sister and I (with our niece Louianne) were walking back home from Paratong Beach. Going there we took the other lane, and walking back, seeing the reflection on the water just made me ask them to wait for a while because I needed to take a picture of it. The pond had ducks actually, but I was using my cell phone and they were too small to be seen.


02. Guess What This Is.

Well, can you?

If you're having a difficult time thinking, well, that's a whole bunch of molds. Last week, brother bought some vegetables we could cook on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday in case the market will be closed (observance of the Holy Week), but he forgot to put it inside the fridge. Friday, when it was time for us to cook the squash (brother just bought a small cut, not the whole fruit... or vegetable), I just saw this farm of mold on the surface of the squash. Being the frustrated biologist that I am, I took my camera and took pictures before throwing out the squash.


03. What's Inside.

I started scrapbooking in 2006, and along the way, I was able to collect quite a lot of stuff, nearly half of which were given by other scrapbookers. It's been two or so years now that I stopped creating scrapbook layouts because we didn't have a printer anymore (I couldn't afford all those materials, so I personally hand cut letter titles by printing the letters on the paper as my guide). The Holy Week became a week for spring cleaning, and checking my closet of scrapbook materials, I saw these alphabet pins, something given by Marj, a Filipino scrapbooker based in the USA. I received this in 2009, but wasn't able to use it - as you can see there were rust already. The pins were arranged in order, just re-arranged it to spell God & I.


04. Playtime.

If my cats weren't eating, or sleeping, or having little fights, they would play by themselves. I took this picture just after lunch when I saw my cat Orange-y playing with a little plush toy. I guess he was just trying to tire himself, because after this little stint, he just fell asleep.

Linking this picture to Camera Critters, too.


05. Lawn and Garden.

Last Sunday, my sister and I bought a pot of basil and mint, and yesterday, we noticed the herbs just growing and we felt as if we needed to put them in a much bigger pot. My sister did find a bigger pot and some soil in our front garden, but reading Internet posts about having an herb garden, my sister told me she needed to buy some compost and a special kind of soil before replanting it. Well, I really thought this day was the day she would work on the herb garden, but I guess we should wait.

Hope everybody had a solemn observance of the Holy Week, thanks for hopping by here.

Before closing this up, I want to talk about a Food Blog Meme I created a few months back... it's called Weekend Eating, where foodies highlight foods they ate / cooked / served from the weekend. It's not necessarily a photo challenge meme, although, if you want to highlight your food photography, you are most welcome to do so as well. It's happening every Mondays (linky is up every 12:01am of Mondays, Philippine time +8 GMT). To know more, please check this link for more details. Thanks!

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