Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 041011

I have been absent for three weeks (I guess), so I am glad to be able to join this week's hunt. Sadly, not all pictures are taken this week, though pictures 1 and 4 were taken from this month as well. Here are my pictures:


01 - Motion

I took this from the bridge that connects Caloocan City and San Jose del Monte City. My sister and I were walking back home from a jog when I noticed these three young men running as quick as the could so they could cross the bridge fast, as there was a jeepney behind them. These lads earn a living by collecting recyclables using their cart made of wood.

Waiting to Click

02 - Waiting to Click

I have attempted time and time again to capture a cat yawning, and I was able to achieve it just once, last year. Today, I saw my cat Oreo sleeping and thought I'd take a picture of him yawning again. I disturbed his sleep trying to tickle his chin so he would yawn, but he just wouldn't. All the while, my right hand was half-pressing my camera shutter, so when he yawns, I am all ready.


When I got tired holding the camera, I put it down one sec and he yawned! Arrrgh. I left him for a while to sleep again, and after a few minutes, I disturbed him again. I caught a small yawn, but it wasn't good (so blurry), so what I did was to up the exposure of my camera, put the ISO to 1600 and set it on a much faster shutter speed. I was tickling his tummy when he yawned again, and good thing that split second yawn was captured by my camera.

In Fashion

03 - In Fashion

Well, my sister's not really that fashionable here, and this was rather an off-guard shot (I took this just a few minutes ago)... I just thought that now that summer is here, tank tops and short skirts (and short pants) are totally in fashion!

Animal's Perspective

04 - Animal's Perspective

If my cats aren't playing with each other, or they aren't sleeping, I see any one of my cats looking out of the window. At times I don't get the whole thing about it, but one time, I saw my cat looking out of the window, and looking at his perspective, I saw a bird on one of the tree branches. My cats are quite vicious (I feel sad that they are good in catching birds), so there are times I close the windows so they won't see the birds.


05 - Many

Before sister and I went from our vacation, Aunt Lorie gave us a big bag full of mung beans, which they harvested from their small farm. Just last Friday, we noticed that there were so many bugs in the beans, so brother took a big flat container and placed the beans where the sun would hit it. This afternoon, before brother placed it back in the container, I took a picture first.

Can you guess how many beans are there?

Yes, many. :)

*** Jenn ***