Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Art of Composition | Lines of the Hand

Exercise 15 - Lines of Hand

Wordish Wednesday Art of Composition

When I read about the exercise last Friday, I seriously didn't know how to present my image since I didn't just wanted to take a picture of my palm. I knew I would post my image come Wednesday (which is today), so I let the thinking pass and just dealt with it this morning.

My day started on a sour note today (travel plans not working to my advantage), so I am not feeling really interested in doing many things today, but seeing my cat Oreo just lounging after lunch, I went near to see if he would like for us to play games. He wasn't. Maybe he was sensing a deep sadness on my aura, or maybe he wasn't feeling good himself.

He normally doesn't let us touch his paws, but this time he did. With my cell phone in my pocket, I just took a picture of this moment - giving me a little message, that sometimes, when you feel like not talking to anyone, or when you have no one to talk to, pets are there to comfort you to the best of their abilities.

*** Jenn ***