Friday, May 27, 2011

Foto Friday | On and On

First up, let me thank Mom Tried it for featuring my "Foto Friday | Old" picture as one of the favorites. It really warmed my heart. :)

This week, the prompt is "on and on." At first I didn't understand what the prompt was all about, but when I read the description written on the post, it gave me an idea of what to share.

On and On

Time is something that goes on and on. Since the creation of the universe, time has been there and is still is running. Time waits for no one, and despite all the chaos and the heartaches and everything in between, time is the only one thing I know that doesn't seem to have problems with moving on.

This is a picture of a desk pen organizer my mom received. The main decor was a sailboat made of plastic (which lights up when it is switched on), and near the boat's sails, was this little clock, which is pretty much the size of a pop Swatch. Photographing this, I tried different backgrounds - from the bed's headboard to the marble floor... but the plastic boat was totally out of place. I was playing with my camera's setting and since it was already dusk (I took this picture three hours ago), I decided to up the ISO of my camera as well as its exposure. I always run my camera under shutter priority, and since my current shutter speed was 1/4, it resulted to an overexposed image when I hit the shutter. It gave me the idea of taking the picture like that, as it washed out the plastic sailboat.

Editing the image, I just made a selection around the clock, ran the National Geographic script set to default, before applying the unsharp mask and burning it. Happy with the look of the image, I then layered it with Kim Klassen's "not too shabby" texture, just to make the white space look uniform.

Happy weekends, everyone!

*** Jenn ***

ps - if you think there is a discrepancy between the time on the clock and me saying this was taken at dusk... well, the answer to that is because the clock doesn't have a battery, and I cannot find the button to change its time.