Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art of Composition | Shadows

When I uploaded my image for today, I got a little confused why my picture was labeled "Exercise 16," yet on Nathalie's blog she already talked about Exercise 19. Checking the list of themes, I realized we skipped two prompts, because of the lenten season. So, dear readers... today it's Week 18, but... since this is a 52-week photo exercise and that Nathalie posted the list of prompts... I might go for multiple images next week to catch up with the prompts. I am actually a week behind, so next week, I will attempt to do a sprint. :)

Exercise #18 - Shadows

Exercise 18 is about "Shadows," and this image was something I did, and not something that presented itself. When I took this, I was about to water my little tomato seedlings, and since our house is fronting the sunset, I cast a shadow when I passed by the terrace. It made me remember the Art of Composition exercise, so after watering the seedlings, I went to look for something to take a picture of.

The very first thing I saw was this bird decor my mom bought a year ago. It's a decor that is made to embellish a potted plant, and at first I hoped to frame a picture of the decor and the shadow together, but it seemed impossible. In the end, I just took a picture of just the shadow.

This picture wasn't texturized (if there is a word like that), the terrace's window had a curtain which also cast a shadow on the tile wall.

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