Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Texture Tuesdays | Vintage Love


My share for Texture Tuesdays this week was an image I took last Sunday while on a trip to Quezon Province. That morning, my sister, our neighbor Ria, and I went to the town of Lucban to take part of the annual Pahiyas Festival. Come lunch time, it became really, really hot and humid, so after eating and visited the Lucban Church, we just made a quick last roam around the town and went back to Tayabas (Ria's family hometown) to catch a glimpse of the Mayohan Festival.

Late in the afternoon, Ria told us to walk around and check the Mi Casa en Tayabas (translate: My Home in Tayabas) hotel to have some refreshments and check out the place. Ria told us a little interesting history about the hotel and after having the refreshments, we went out to check lots of vintage embellishments around the hotel, and the vintage bottles interested me so much that I took my time to photograph some of it.

Editing the picture, I gave it a pass of the Pour Vous texture - set to normal 15%, then another pass of the same texture set to Overlay 100%. I also gave it a pass of the Portrait texture set to overlay 100% before applying the unsharp mask tool. I also gave this a pass of Brauer's Warm color tool to give it a brownish tone.

*** Jenn ***