Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Texture Tuesdays | Yesteryear Edition

My image share for this week was something I finished editing the day I linked up my last week's photo. Well, Kim already gave the texture all of us are going to be using, and that day, I was editing my April 2010 pictures when I saw this:

Mantis SOOC

That's the SOOC shot of a praying mantis I saw near the neighborhood's Multi-Purpose Hall while jogging with my neighbor and close friend Ria. I remember the time I took this picture, I just made the most of the moment because I didn't want to eat much of Ria's time. This was a case of just being like my camera (pointing and shooting), and hope the shots will come out good. I guess I could say this is one nice SOOC shot, but I admit there are quite a lot of white spaces above and under the mantis, so I decided to edit it and applied the Yesteryear texture.

The outcome...


Steps I made:
  • Re-size the picture to 640 on the width, then cropped the picture to 640x480.
  • Applied the yesteryear edition, set to normal at 50%.
  • Two passes of Unsharp Mask, set to radius of 5.o and amount of 0.50.
  • Three passes of Burn, set to shadows with exposure of 10%.
  • Warming - Wratten 82 script at 25%.

Quite a simple edit, but I liked the outcome. :)

*** Jenn ***