Saturday, May 28, 2011

Favorite Photo of the Week | Sunset Before the Rain

Over my other photo blog, As the Shutter Clicks, I participated in a photo-editing challenge called "Edit Me!" For this week, the photo to be edited was provided by Misty, and when she made a comment about my edited picture, she also invited me to join her photo challenge called "Favorite Photo of the Week." Since I can join on Saturdays, I will then have to choose my favorite picture based on the pictures taken from Saturday to Friday.

This week, I chose this:

Sunset 052611

Like what I have written on my other blog, this moment was a blessing for me because I got to see the beautiful sunset colors a few minutes before it rained. I am equally thankful for the 12x optical zoom that my camera has because in some pictures I took I was able to zoom and concentrate on the fiery orange sky, but while the zoomed in image looked amazing, seeing a much wider scope of the sky was something that really took my breath away. The sky looked like a painting... and with the rain falling minutes after, I really thanked the heavens for letting me see this.

*** Jenn ***