Friday, May 06, 2011

Foto Friday | Blue

Deep Blue Sky

Of all the colors, I think blue has the least amount of pictures in my files. Come to think of it, I don't own that much blue stuff! I was looking at my April 2011 folder and found this picture, which I hope will be okay for the meme... well, dark / deep blue is still blue, right?

I took this picture last week of April. That time, I was doing the Photo Hunt Challenges, and one item I struggled with was the "silhouette," and when I saw this while cooking dinner, I took my camera and try to photograph the leaves. Of course, I took quite a handful of shots, and for this meme, I chose this, because the rest were more focused on the leaves and not the sky.

I added a texture to this photo, which I got from searching online. I wanted to include the link, but the link that came with the picture was a forum for boats. If you want to use the texture, the name of it was "Grunge Texture" by DarkRose42.

*** Jenn ***