Monday, May 09, 2011

Color Splash Sunday | Carlos Celdran

I will be a little "busy" watching DVDs today, so I will use an old picture, which I first edited using the color selective technique a few months ago. I first posted this picture on my travel blog, Where My Feet Took Me, when I wrote a post about a visit to Manila Cathedral.

The one in blue is Carlos Celdran, a famous Manila tour guide. In 2002, he founded Walk This Way, a company that provide walking tours in Manila. I got to attend his "If These Walls Could Talk" in 2008, and I truly enjoyed it because it was very different from the usual guided tours. Having a training in the performing arts, Carlos Celdran's way of touring people is somewhat watching a narrative play involving one actor in different characters. This picture I took January of 2010 while waiting for forum friends as we were scheduled for a chuch hop / photo walk that day.

Carlos Celdran

Carlos Celdran is one of my favorite people (in 2008, a few months after attending his tour, I got to see him in Intramuros and quickly went to him for a photo-op), and I highly suggest you take one of his tours if you have the chance. Not only will you be delighted with the sights, you will also be delighted with the history and the gossip that goes with it. :) His tours come with a fee (of course), but there are times that he would host some games on Facebook with winners getting a free tour, sometimes he would just make an impromptu tour where people can either attend it for free, or they can pay whatever amount they wish to pay. Sadly, I still haven't taken part of these impromptu tours because he would often times post it on his Facebook page around 1pm, and the tour would be around 3pm. These are little things that made me feel sad living so far from the heart of the metro.

Carlos Celdran is also an HIV/AIDS awareness activist, and in 2010 he became more famous than ever when he staged the "Damaso" protest inside the Manila Cathedral for the Reproductive Health bill. While I feel he had the rights to express what he had to say, I was also offended by him interrupting the church service. Still, he is one of my favorite people, and I wish him well with his endeavors.

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