Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shutter Love Tuesdays | Crazy Faces

Crazy Faces was a tough prompt for me because I don't dare making funny faces on camera (oh, I think I did it once in January). I always think I don't look good enough to pull off a funny face look, so I always just smile whenever my pictures are taken.

My brother was out, my sister's asleep... and I wanted to write this post asap, so I just checked my files and saw this:

Zombie Cupcake

It may not be a real person, but it's definitely crazy looking. :)

For sure you know that this cupcake is patterned after the zombie in the video game "Plants vs. Zombies." It's one of those games that I really got addicted playing, and now, people aren't just playing it, they are now eating it, too!

This picture was taken during the Yummy Eats event last Saturday at the NBC Tent. The one who did this was the Little Miss OC Kitchen, and aside from the PVZ themed cupcakes, they also presented "Angry Birds" cupcakes, another addicting video game. The cupcakes are quite pricey at p125 (around usd2.88) each, but checking the details of each cupcakes, I'd say it's worth it. Well, I got to sample their mini cakes and yes, 125 is worth it because it was heavenly!

Edit Edit...

Okay, I decided to share the crazy faces pictures I took last January. :)


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