Sunday, May 01, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 050111

This week has been a lax one for me - brother flew to Cagayan de Oro to be with his girlfriend, and the sacks of rice were not delivered yet, so I need to stay at home. That means, I wasn't able to go out and hunt the items, and this week, I am using a mix of pictures I took this week and from the past.


01 - Architecture

Something I took last March, this was a part of St. Michael the Archangel church in Bacnotan, La Union. I also used an old paper texture by Mourningstocks, which I downloaded from HERE.

Rimmed with Light

02 - Rimmed with Light

I really struggled with this prompt because I couldn't achieve such effect using any of the lamps / flashlights we have at home, so while walking home from the market just outside our neighborhood, I saw this and thought the clouds were rimmed with light. Well, I am not sure if I got this prompt correct, if I didn't please tell me so I could change it. :)

Toes / Feet

03 - Toes / Feet

Another picture I took last May, this was one of the pictures I took after buying a pair of Anna Sui footwear at a garage sale.


04 - This is My Favorite

This morning, my sister and I went to the Sidcor Weekend Market, and even if we had a specific reason to go there (mostly for garden purposes), I still was able to capture pictures of the flowers, and among the 10 flower pictures I took, this was my favorite.

I am also linking this picture to SOOC Sunday. I just think the flower looked pretty as is, no need to do anything to it. Well, I am thankful I got the exposures and shutter speed correct for this picture.


05 - Shade

Another difficult prompt for me because I don't own any sunglasses, our windows don't have blinds, and the sun / trees didn't give that shade effect I was hoping for. This was a picture I took from the weekend market (again), while I was hunting for an available space in the mess hall. It's summer here in the Philippines - scorching hot (temps not going below 30*C) - and the way for these merchants to keep their customers in the shade was to make use of tarps, sacks, and nets to block the sun rays.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

*** Jenn ***