Sunday, May 08, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 050811

Happy weekends, shutterbugs! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend... and to the mothers, Happy Mother's Day!

My brother is about to set up the table for dinner, so I will go and make this post real quick. Here are my pictures for this week's Scavenger Hunt:

01 - sooc

01. SOOC
One of the last grasshopper pictures I took last Friday. I loved how the grasshopper moved and still not mind about my camera (I tend to get my lens as close as possible whenever I take macro shots), but I really struggled with my camera's settings because it was dusk already.

{also linking this picture to SOOC Sunday and Camera Critters}

02 - sprouting

02. Sprouting

Sister bought a bag of special kind of soil and a bag of vermicast for the basil and mint, and since I am struggling with my little tomato project (I did plant some seeds before but they died), I decided to try once again. Last Monday, using a small microwavable plastic ware (the disposable kind), I used the special soil and the vermicast, and the sprouts looked like this last Friday. I laid out four columns of three seeds per column, but one column is still not sprouting that time - but they did this morning. I do pray these tomato plants will not die on me.

03 - ironic

03. Isn't it Ironic?

Yesterday, sister and I attended Yves' first birthday at Jollibee, a local fast food. While we were eating, the store's mascot entertained the guests and welcomed people who would like to have their pictures taken with the mascot, and I did find it so ironic that these 20-something women were so eager to have their pictures taken (to the point that they left their foods at the table), while they try to persuade the little boy to pose for pictures. :)

04 - lazy

04. Lazy

During a time when going to the mall meant traveling oh-so-many kilometers, the family tend to celebrate life moments by cooking home cooked meals. Now that the mall is just 15 minutes away from our house, we just celebrate it by going to the mall and eat out... and yes, part of it is because we do feel lazy planning and cooking for dishes anymore.

By the way, I used the Kim Klassen portrait texture for this - set to normal, with opacity of 65% before applying the unsharp mask.

05 - spring

05. Smells Like Spring

Borrowing a picture I took last week because I wasn't able to take any "spring" pictures (aside from the tomato sprouts), and it was raining all afternoon today. We don't have spring here in the Philippines, but I think the first quarter of the year is when most flowers are blooming.

Brother is now calling for dinner, and my net book is flashing the "low battery" sign, so I am now closing this post. Thank you for hopping here.

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