Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shutter Love Tuesdays | Circles

Birthday Sunset

It's all about circles this week, and although my image is only the singular form of the prompt, I still chose to share this because I took this one last Friday - the day I celebrated my birthday. I am not a person who loves celebrating birthday, but when my sister said she will travel to San Pedro, Laguna t0 visit a church in Landayan, I asked if I can come with her, too, because I would love to spend my birthday inside a church - so I could also personally thank the Lord for allowing me to celebrate my 31st year of existence.

Sister and I only visited this particular church (with one food trip on the side), but because the church was way far from where we live, it was already dusk when we got off the bus outside the neighborhood. While walking, I saw the sun about to set, and I knew I just had to take a picture of it. It may not be a stellar picture, but I also believe sunset is one of God's way of communicating with me (or us, in general), and seeing this sunset was my icing on the cake for this day.

*** Jenn ***