Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A - Angel

I failed the last round of ABC Wednesday miserably. I found it quite difficult to box myself with a theme, so for round 8 of ABC Wednesday, I'm just going to post random pictures to go with the letter of the week. I am hoping I could do all 26 letters this time.

A - Angel


My "A" image is an angel, which I took a picture of at the weekend market in Lung Center of the Philippines. When I saw this figurine, I was instantly attracted to it, so I didn't hesitate to stop by and take a picture. I actually took a picture of a similar figure before, but a photo buddy suggested I take it at a different angle - looking up, because I took a picture of it with me looking down on the figurine.

One photography lesson learned: explore the different angles. :)

*** Jenn ***