Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Projects to Take

I started doing photography projects in 2009, but I failed. I also failed in 2010... so for this year, I felt I really have to finish one project this year.

Well, talk about being masochistic... I gave myself three photography projects this year:

Project 365 (Food Version)
. I call it Foodie 365, where I am to take pictures of my food before I eat it. Doesn't matter if it's breakfast, lunch, dinner ... or snacks, as long as I have a food shot for each day. I figured this would be a good way of finishing my Project 365, because eating is something I do on a daily basis - in multiple times. Now, I won't have to struggle what subject I will have. Actually, this could be a good way to do my food log, too, which is something I plan to do over my food blog - I Live to Eat!.

365 Strangers
. The project is actually called 100 Strangers, where people are asked to take pictures of 100 strangers for the entire year. In this project, people have to ask the strangers for a picture, but I am a person who is having a difficult time doing that - my social skills really suck, so I am doing my own strangers project - that is to take pictures of people I don't know without them knowing I am taking pictures. Well, I opt not to give myself a big task because I might give up soon. I figured I'd take it slowly and make a slow progress. I have 365 days, and hopefully 100 days of it, I can do the project correctly. Of course, I also want to get out and become a social person.

52 Weeks of Me. Over at my personal blog - An Autobiography in the Works, I participate in the meme "Shoot Me." It was a good way to get the photographer included in the photography, because since I took on the hobby of taking pictures, I found myself always behind the camera. Well, this year I am taking the prompt of Picture Motherhood, because I thought I needed some directions in doing the pictures. Using the themes meant I won't have to just put up the camera to snap a picture of myself - that would make it really boring. The themes posted were 26 weeks... I do hope the rest of the themes will be posted soon. :)

It's now the fifth of January, and I am happy to say that the first two projects were going smoothly. I still don't know where to post the pictures for the 365 Strangers, but should you want to see the pictures for the Foodie 365, you can check out my food blog - I Live to Eat! on Saturday. I will post the food pictures there on a weekly basis. As for the 52 Weeks of Me, I will take a picture of myself every Wednesdays, and post it every Thursdays over my personal blog - An Autobiography in the Works. Follow me there if you have the time. :)

What sort of project(s) are you taking this year?

*** Jenn ***