Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday (Shoes)

My share for today is late; it was this afternoon that I got to read about the prompt, and I hoped to use a fresh picture, so I took this just a few moments before day turned into night.

Clogs Key Ring

Clearly, these aren't human shoes, but they're still shoes. I got this key ring from a fellow Filipino photo blogger who is already based in the Netherlands; one time in 2008, she organized a get together, and she gave us one key ring each.

When I realized that yellow tulips (my most favorite flower) were abundant in the Netherlands, I have always dreamed of seeing tulip farms, and my fascination with the whole thing led me to dreaming of owning and wearing the wooden Dutch clogs - in yellow. I think it's the coolest traditional footwear ever.

Anyway, these won't fit my size 9 feet and these aren't yellow... but these are real wooden Dutch clogs, so I treasure this gift dearly.

*** Jenn ***