Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Balancing Act

I have been taking pictures of random strangers - whether they know it or not - but I still don't have any place to put all the pictures (except in Flickr and Facebook), so I decided to share one here in my blog:

365 Strangers - 17/365

Last Monday, Ria and I went to jog in the morning. After three laps around the plaza, we decided to walk to the marketplace to buy our morning bread and to buy some foods for lunch as well. While walking back home, I saw this man walking, so I turned on the camera of my cell phone to capture an image. He didn't know I took a picture of him... and with both of us walking, I was happy to have captured this image with less blur. I guess he was on his way to the market to start his day. I hope he sold quite a lot.

*** Jenn ***