Friday, January 14, 2011

Exercise 2 - Lines (Forks)

Exercise number two is about forks... funny, I thought the exercise was all about lines; I was actually about to take pictures of my hair comb, until I realized it should be about forks. I have tried using forks as my subject for my Project 365 last year, but I wanted to take fresh pictures for this exercise. Some behind the scenes pictures:

Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes

I don't own any illustration boards, so I used my sister's big black shirt as my background. I set up the thing in the dining area - that's our dinner chair, by the way... and using the light from study lamp as my only source of light (I made sure I turned off all the lights in the dining area, including the living room, which was adjacent, I started trying to locate which side would cast a good shadow, and since I am on my own, I tried to be still while taking the pictures. In one or two occasions, I had to hold the lamp with my left hand while my right hand was holding the camera.

I took quite a lot of pictures, but in the end I chose these two:


It was difficult to find a good angle that would cast a good shadow of the fork's lines, but I like this one. This was actually a product of the set up in the first behind the scenes picture.


I also tried taking pictures of two forks, just to have the best of both worlds. The light was directly above the forks, hence the little glare... again, I wanted to have some shadows because it adds more lines into the image. All images are SOOC.

As always, you're free to comment and provide constructive criticisms.

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