Wednesday, January 26, 2011

B - Bulog Isand / Beach

Of all my travels in 2009, the Coron, Palawan trip has got to be the most memorable and the best I had. It was really great to be with people sharing the same interests - people whom you can really relate to.

Anyway, late afternoon of day 2 until lunch time of day 3, we stayed in Bulog Island, possibly one of the best islands in Coron. Us sleeping by the beach shore (the island had two huts), then waking up to see a brand new day was really something that will always be in my heart. In a world of chaos, there is truly paradise.


We stayed in the main Bulog Island, but there was this small island nearby, they call Bulog Dos (dos is Spanish for "two"). Morning of day 3, some friends rode the kayak to get there, but the water wasn't too deep (shoulder deep), so some of us were able to cross the water on foot.

We hoped to stay there as much as we could, but we were so behind our schedule (so many places to see, so little time), so by lunch time we left. Up until now, we still have talks about going back there, enjoy nature and be away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Someday, I know we will go back.

*** Jenn ***