Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 013011

My take on this week's prompts:


01 - Texture

Yesterday, mom hired someone to trim our Macopa (Malay Apple / Tersana Rose Apple) tree because termites have infested the ground and mom feared the termites might make its way to our house because of the branches. While cleaning up, the texture of the bark caught my interest, so I took a shot.

We didn't let the man cut off the tree entirely as this tree has been part of our lives since we moved here (dad planted a seed back in 1985); we just asked him to take out the branches that would touch the roof of our house.


02 - Fog

This was something from the archive because we hardly get any fog from where we live. I took this picture during my Tagaytay travel April of last year. Before going home, my friend and I went to the People's Park in the Sky, and it was really difficult to take pictures because it was so foggy (Tagaytay is one of the coolest places in the country). When I took this picture, we were actually about to exit the park, and spotting a jeepney from afar, I aimed the camera to take this shot.


03 - Button

A button in the back pocket of one of my jeans.


04 - Beverage

Mountain Dew is the only fizzy drink we have here, so I just used it to make this shot.


05 - Seventies

When we were kids, we used to have this gigantic stereo system that plays vinyl records. Since we were so poor that we couldn't afford television back then, our way of entertainment was through that stereo. I basically grew up listening to 50s-70s music, thanks the extensive vinyl collection my dad had. The stereo was no longer existing (we disposed it in the early 90s), but we still kept the vinyl records. One of the records I treasure is this one - the Elvis Presley Love Songs, because I am a fan of his.

All these pictures were taken today using my Canon Powershot SX130is camera, except for the "fog" picture, which I took 14 April 2010 using my friend's Canon EOS 450D camera. If you want to see different takes to the prompt, please click the badge above.

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