Saturday, January 08, 2011

Before it Gets Hot

Chili Flower

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Sometime last year, my sister and I cooked some Dinamita Wraps, an appetizer using chili fingers as the main ingredient. We were able to cook 10 pieces of it, and instead of throwing away the seeds, I scattered them in an empty pot. Soon after, the seedlings came out, and bit by bit the little plants were growing.

I noticed that it was taking a lot of time to mature, until I realized that there were so many small plants in the pot - crowding them up. I took some time to choose the biggest ones and placed them in a pot of their own.

Just last week, one of the plants have bloomed. I quickly took a picture of it, because I know sooner the flower will wilt welcoming the fruit. Such a sweet looking flower... yet in time it will become hot. The wonders of nature!

*** Jenn ***