Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cosmos in Vintage Effect

Blog hopping was what I did yesterday, and in doing so, I found a good photo meme, which I belong to... the wonderful world of mobile photography. I have been using my Sony K800i cell phone since September 2007, and it was only in October or November that year that I started discovering its great photography capabilities. I was actually thankful I purchased this cell phone, it wasn't my first choice, but me learning it had "3.2 megapixels" camera was the sole reason why I decided to go for it. As I explored more, I later found out I did purchase one heck of a cell phone, and I just love it dearly. My cell phone is already three years old, but I have no reason to replace it yet.

Anyway, here's my first share for the Phonography Meme:


In the span of three years, obviously, I have taken way too many photos using my cell phone, but I decided to go for this - something new. 11 January, my sister and I went to pick up the DVDs I borrowed from a friend, and instead of going home straight away, we decided to walk around a bit. I spotted this at the corner of my eye - I don't know why, but my eyes can really spot something interesting along a way... like this one, a cosmos with a critter. I only had my cell phone in my pocket; I knew it would be difficult to take something using its macro mode at dusk, but I still tried my luck, afterall, it's not everyday that I got to see something wonderful as this. Five attempts, and this was the only good one; the rest were all blurred.

I edited this picture using GIMP. I used the vintage effect, something I learned from a tutorial posted in YouTube. I am not really into editing pictures (primarily because I don't know how), this was actually the second time I used the said effect, and the first time I posted "post-processed" picture (other than resizing, sharpening, and putting my barcode) in my blog. I don't know if the said effect works for my choice of image, but I hope it does.

*** Jenn ***