Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Monday (Something Hot)

My first time to join the Happy Monday photo challenge, and here is my share:

May 2010, I was invited for an event held at the Enchanted Kingdom, and while my niece and I were walking back to the Staff House to wait for the other invited guests (they provided a shuttle service), we noticed there was a performance involving dances and fires, so we stopped by to watch it first.

It was really difficult to take pictures of them. Well, I am a point and shoot camera user, so the only way I could freeze images that quick was to up the ISO level of my camera. I was able to capture some nice images, and this one was my favorite of the bunch. I was happy to have clicked the shutter at the right time. It wasn't as sharp as I hope and want it would be, but for a camera having only 4x optical zoom, me maxing the zoom and putting the ISO to 1600, I think my camera did a good job with this.

Happy Monday, everyone!

*** Jenn ***