Monday, February 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 022811

Long time no post here in my photo blog, sorry about that... life is quite busy at the moment. :) I am currently here in my paternal hometown taking vacation with my sister as we wait for dad's death anniversary. It was very good that I brought my netbook with me because the soonest time we got here, sister said her cell phone can grasp free WiFi, which is also the same connection I am using. I don't know until when the connection is available, so might as well share with you my take for this week's hunt while I can:


01 - Capture the Sky
Colinas Verdes - San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
22 February 2011
{Sony Ericsson K800i}

Something I took where my sister and I do our morning jogs. I realized taking my camera with me made me stop more often, so for this day I just brought my cell phone. Even if I know my cell phone wasn't as powerful as my camera, somehow seeing interesting scenery and subjects still made me stop for a while to take pictures.


02 - Everyday
24 February 2011
{Sony Ericsson K800i}

Well... eating is something I do everyday, LOL. Also, photographing foods is also a thing I do everyday, because I decided to do my Project 365 this year featuring foods.


03 - Furry
Colinas Verdes - San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
20 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

A grass that took my interest while jogging at a new route in Colinas Verdes. Anybody know what's it called?


04 - Life
Pebble Beach - Luna, La Union
28 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

Sister wanted to see the old watchtower at the Pebble Beach in the town of Luna, so I took here there this morning. From afar, I already noticed this old man collecting stones, and as I approached him to talk a bit, he told me he was grateful to the Lord for allowing all sorts of rocks be taken ashore by the waves of the sea. He also told me he was grateful that even at his old age, he can still continue living life by earning from picking stones. I consider him my angel for the day - my short conversation with him was quite meaningful.


05 - Blurred
Sta. Cruz Plaza, Manila
23 February 2011
{Canon Powershot SX130is}

My sister was just supposed to purchase tickets for our trip, but upon knowing she would also visit the Quiapo Church, I asked her if I can come, too. Initially, we planned to go to Binondo Church after Quiapo Church, but I have already visited it, so I asked if we could just visit Sta. Cruz and Tondo Churches, to which my sister agreed. Before entering Sta. Cruz Church, we went to the plaza fronting the church to take pictures of the fountain. Seeing the kids dip their hands in the pool of water made me want to capture their image using the stream of the fountain as the frame, but my camera wasn't able to freeze the water that good... and it looked blurred. In the end, I just used my cell phone to freeze the water. :)

So.. there's my take for the hunt. Thanks for hopping by here - everyone is encouraged to comment and give their constructive criticisms, but since I am just using free WiFi, I apologize if I cannot hop back to your blogs that quick.

Have a great week everyone!

*** Jenn ***