Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Philipp and Joan

This picture will be a year old this week, so I decided to post this as my way of greeting the couple a happy anniversary.

Among the Rama boys, it was Ivan who is mom's godson. Since their family just moved in the neighborhood a year (or so) before Ivan was born, Philipp (the older brother) also started calling mom godmother, and this gesture didn't change until all of us grew up. When he married his girlfriend (and the mother of his daughter Pau) Joan, they decided to make mom one of their godparents, something my mom was happy about.

Obviously, I was just one of the guests. Since I seated near the aisle, I was able to take this picture. It wasn't as vivid and as sharp, but I do like this picture.

To Philipp and Joan, happy wedding anniversary to you both.

*** Jenn ***