Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An Angel at the Top

Venice Piazza

After attending the FOOD Kitchen Series, my sister, our cousin Marjorie, Marj's friend Grace, and I passed by the Venice Piazza first because it was basically just a few steps away from Enderun Colleges, where the event took place. It rained even before we got to enjoy the place, so we decided to walk out of McKinley Hill to catch the jeep (and bus) back to Ayala. We didn't want to be caught jaywalking, so we took the overpass, and crossing the overpass, we saw this view so we stopped for a moment to take pictures.

The place really looked like it was from a different country, but something on that triangular roof caught my attention, so I zoomed in my camera and saw this:

Angel at the Top

An angel!

Well, the place isn't called "Venice Piazza" if it wouldn't look like Italy, and aside from this angel, there were also statues surrounding the building. Well, this must be a very special angel, as it stands at the topmost part of the building - watching over the people of McKinley Hill? Could be.

*** Jenn ***

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