Thursday, July 21, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 10

I am quite early to post my take for this week as I told myself I will go for something easy this week.

Edit Me! Week 10 | SOOC

This photo is by Ginger of "My Life Just As It Is." For a while I struggled if I would keep this in color or if I would change it to monochrome... would I take out the small blue container near the child's foot or not...but, I reminded myself that I should keep it simple so I came up with this:

Edit Me! | Week 10 - M&M Edit

I call this my M&M edit as I was watching the music video of Milow and Marit Larsen's "Out of My Reach." This wasn't the exact look of the one in video, but I think it was a bit close. :) To make this, I made these steps:
  • Resized the image to 640x427.
  • Ran the Vintage script with a minimal amount of vignette.
  • Ran the "Summer" action.
  • Added two new layers, one I filled up pink color, set to overlay at 10%, the other I filled with blue color, set to overlay at 25%.
  • Adjusted the curves, then gave it a pass of the Burn tool, set to shadow at 20%.
  • Ran the "Unsharp Mask" tool at 0.17.

I don't know if I give the SOOC image some justice with my edit, but I did like how my edit came out.

*** Jenn ***