Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shoot and Edit | Skies the Limit [Edit]

Time to edit the SOOC picture I shared last Monday. So you won't have to scroll further this blog, here was the image I chose for this week's prompt:

Fixing the Lights

To know more about this image, please click HERE.

Editing this image, I hoped to follow Ashley's tutorial about the "Invert Tool," but I cannot seem to get the same outcome. Going with the high pass filter, there were changes on the preview, but none on the actual image... so I decided to stop doing it and think of a different edit.

Skies the Limit - Lomo Edit

Ever since I saw images produced by lomo cameras, I instantly liked it, and in 2009, when I met up with some photo blogger pals for a get together, one of us used the lomo camera to cover the Aliwan Fiesta and when I checked her blog I just liked the images she posted. She used the film for lomo cameras, but on her previous posts, she used the typical 35mm film for her camera and it produced better images because the sprockets added visual effects to the images. For this week, I went to achieve such effect by doing:
  • Erased the the light pole using the "Content Aware Fill" tool on Photoshop CS5.
  • Using GIMP, I scaled the image to 640x480.
  • Ran the Urban Script set to my own preferences.
  • Ran the Lomo script, set to "Golden Autumn" with vignette.
  • Added the sprocket holes using the script made by Elsamuko.
  • Ran the "Ancient Warmth" action.
  • Flattened the image, before adding my name stamp and saving it.

I was blown away by the "Content Aware" tool on CS5, though I still feel lost whenever I try to edit my images using it. I guess I have become confident in using GIMP, but nevertheless, I am happy that I finally was able to use my CS5 other than opening and closing it. :)

*** Jenn ***