Friday, July 15, 2011

Foto Friday | Pets/Animals

I haven't taken that much pictures of my cats lately, but the very last picture I took was:

Mimeow and Lilith

This picture of my little Mimeow with his mom, Lilith. The time I took this, Mimeow already started eating solid foods, but there was a problem with his teeth and his tummy because when he started eating, he rarely suck milk from his mom and I couldn't train him to drink milk or water. His mom, too, started to run away during the rare moments Mimeow would suck milk. Every now and then, I would act as a mediator between the two cats, trying to keep the mother still, while trying to convince the kitten to suck milk.

Despite the not-so-good picture quality, I treasure this picture because I loved how the two of them just sit there and wind off time. I am happy to be able to capture this moment before the little Mimeow died.

*** Jenn ***