Friday, July 01, 2011

Foto Friday | Red White & Blue

Paper Flowers

I have no red, white, and blue image in my folders, so I decided to make one for this prompt. A very simple take to it - I just gathered three each of my Prima flowers (these flowers are for paper scrapbook), took out the quite big butterfly embellishment (which I bought many years back as our Christmas tree decor), and just laid it on my mom's bed. Today, my sister took my camera with her as she is also a blogger now and she wanted to take pictures of things that would spark her curiosity, so this image I took using my cell phone.

Post-processing wise, I just added an "old paper" texture (one set to soft light at 100%, the other set to multiply at 60%). then adjusted the curves.

The blue flower may not be as blue as the USA flag, but I think it's still blue. :) Happy 4th of July weekend!

*** Jenn ***