Thursday, July 14, 2011

Edit Me! | Week 09

Lately, my mind is wandering that I find myself a bit unproductive. I have two pictures to edit for this day and I admit I am having / I had a difficult time finishing both.

Edit Me! Week 9 | SOOC

This week's picture on "Edit Me!" was provided by Mandy of "A Sorta Fairytale." Every week on this meme, there is this level of difficulty, and every week, I am presented with images that are already perfect, and at some point I am always doubting myself if I can do justice with my edit.

Still, I always try my best and for this week, came up with this:

Edit Me! Week 9 | Text Edit

My Reflection of Something

What I did -
  • Using the original size provided, I made a selection around the boy, feathered the edges and cut the boy off the image. Pasting the cut image, I then moved it near the flowers.
  • The parts where the boy once was, I covered by cloning the grass around. To make the circles not too noticeable, I also used the heal tool.

Then came the stage where I found myself stuck. I created a wide space and I didn't know if I'd leave it as is or if I will add some text. Obviously, I decided to add some text.
  • I flipped the image horizontally, just because. :)
  • I started writing the words, but couldn't find the right color for it, so I made a selection around the boy and the plants, feathered selection, made and inverse selection and desaturated the background. I did the same step to certain parts near the plant area.
  • Scaled image to 640x427.
  • Added the words using the fonts "Qarmic Sans" and "Miss Brooks."
  • Ran the National Geographic script, flattened the image, then gave it a pass of burn tool set to shadow at 20%.
The words I used for this image was taken from "Lessons From Life" poem (was it a poem?). I have this framed copy of it in my room, but I only selected the "positive" ones, as I don't want to put any negative words in the image (even if its intention was positive - "A child who lives with ridicule learns to be timid...").

Despite the difficulty, I had a real fun time editing this image.

*** Jenn ***