Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 073111

My Internet connection is way too slow today (maybe because of the cloudy weather), so I will do this as quick as possible. Here's my take on the Scavenger Hunt this week:

Gateway to Vigan

01. Walking Empty Streets

One of the good things about traveling on a weekday was that there were less tourists. When my sister and I went to Vigan City last March, we decided to walk to the heart of the city from its nearby town of Bantay, and seeing that there weren't vehicles passing by, I went to take a picture. Of course, my sister had to watch my back as there might be buses passing along the highway.


02. Repeating Patterns

For this one, I didn't have to go far thinking what subject to take a picture of... This is my planner - I always go for the executive diaries because it devotes a whole page per day - giving me enough space to scribble in some thoughts as well as jot down things I learned for the day and of course, listing down my simple joys.

Red Slip-Ons

03. Floor

My late father liked the diamond shape. This shape can be found in certain parts of the house - garden fence, front door (as well as our bedroom doors), and yes, the floor. This tiled floor is part of our terrace - kinda like an extension of our living room, where we welcome and entertain guests. I didn't like this tile pattern - it kinda looks like bathroom tiles, but dad said there weren't any good looking tile patterns with diamonds, so he went with this instead.

Joys of Love - Day 03

04. Then and Now

Just like the first picture, this one's taken from my archives. I initially took the picture on the right (with the help of the tripod) last February when I joined the "Joy of Love" photo class. One of the prompts was "Then and Now," and I quickly thought of re-creating the old picture on the left because even if we got older and yes, bigger... some things didn't change - like the door and the chair. This is my sister and I - we were born 8 years apart, and although I didn't really like her at first, I am now thankful that I have a sister. It's just way too fun having a sister. :)

Snails Pre-Nup

05. Fingertips

If you recall an old Scavenger Hunt post I had - I talked about the garden snails, and even if I have eliminated some of them, I realized today that there were more and more snails around our garden! The rain must've bothered them and they went out of hiding - feasting on our plants! Que horror! Anyway, this morning, I was able to take a picture of a snail on my palm, and realizing "fingertips" is part of the hunt, I went to get one more snail just to act as an embellishment. Initially, I placed the two hiding-in-their-shells snails near my fingertips so I could take pictures once they come out. It took some minutes for them to do so, but when they finally did come out, there was no stopping them. I already had a picture taken, and I was just about to put them in the drain when the snails moved as I walked. Don't they just look cute? It was like having a snails pre-nup shoot.

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'Til next week!

*** Jenn ***